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Default Duranglers

Travis, I'm with you about Duranglers. I got a lot more off of their website than I ever got in the shop. Even after buying some stuff they still seemed put out by having customers in their shop...their website is pretty informative and they helped write the book "Fly Fishing Southern Colorado" which is a pretty good guidebook to the area that I used extensively and persuaded me to try the Three Forks of the Conejos area (which I would have never known about otherwise...).

I would also echo what Randell has said. Being a bit further south, many of the lakes in the Wemuniche wilderness will have iced-out and have some great fishing. They are easily reachable from Durango.

Finally, you had mentioned the Dolores River. Again, depending on snowpack, it might be fishable below McPhee reservoir in Early June. Right now Snowpack is running at 76% of normal, so runoff should end a bit earlier this year (depending on the temperatures and no freak spring snow storms)

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