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Originally Posted by Kytroutbum View Post
1) Both flies are bulky. Are you using toothick a lead wire? The thickness of the wire should only be the thickness of the hook shank.
I don't think they are actually as bulky as they look in those camera shots, but I probably could have used a few less wraps of thread in securing the wire weight. I compared them to some flies I bought and they are of similar size. I'll try to keep the bulkiness to a minimum on the next ones I tie.

Originally Posted by Kytroutbum View Post
2)Look at your tails (mayflies). Are they tied off on the bare shank or very slightly dubbed shank? The extra couple wire wraps making you tie off on the wire, if you do. aren't worth it?Are your tails tied above the barb?
They aren't tied on the bare shank, but on top of a few wraps of thread (no dubbing). I'm not sure I understand the part about the "extra couple wire wraps".

Originally Posted by Kytroutbum View Post
3) Are you you leaving enough space for the head?
I might not be. I am going to try again on the prince nymph with a bead head.

Originally Posted by Kytroutbum View Post
4) Are you substituting wraps for tightness, esp. on the whip finish? Use only enough wraps to do the job. I do two whip finishes of three wraps each. Don't trust your whip finishes, after a tying session carefully put a small drop of Loctite glue on them.
I am probably guilty of this. I do put head cement on my whip finishes.

Thanks for taking the time do do such a comprehensive review Randall.
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