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GK, Thanks for posting pics and more importantly opening yourself up to constructive criticism, its always the best way to learn, good job.

I think what Randall was trying to say (forgive him, he wasn't an English Teacher...I believe Math/Science were his strong now he is fishing all over the country and not talking to normal people much anymore....just fish...[I know, I know we all are jealous...but after years of teaching he deserves to have some fun...]). What he was getting at was that the diameter of the lead you were using was probably too thick on top of using too many wraps. Ideally, you want to use as few wraps of, and as thin a lead, as possible.

If you give yourself some room at the hook eye (at least 1/16"?) and then only take the lead to about halfway up the shank, you can then fill in with thread wraps to give yourself a more tapered underbody to dub over. That will also give you more room to work with when you are whip finishing...

Also by using a very small ball of thread/dubbing at the tail tie in point you can flare out the tails without adding much bulk.

Here is a good tutorial on tying the Prince. Check out the lead wraps and gaps, etc;20Nymph.pdf

And even more to the point, fish are not as concerned about scruffiness as fly tyers are. Did you ever notice that the flies that catch the most trout are the ones that have been hammered and torn up? Don't be too concerned if you have it perfect. That PT in particular is already very good, a few tweaks and we won't be able to tell them apart from Walter Babb's...

"Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."

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