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The Brookies are in Parched Corn on the other side of the Chimney Tops Road. Supposedly it was shocked according to an EKU student who posted here and they only found 3 small fish. I caught one around 6 inches many years ago in it. Rumor has it was stocked with Michigan fish in the "60's by s bucket biologist. The state does not stock it. I've had state people ask me about it.

Chimney Top Creek, Wolf Pen and Gladie in the Gorge had Brown fingerlings planted in them by the state and Bluegrass TU 10-12 (?) years ago. I never found any fish that "took" in Gladie or Wolf Pen. I caught and released several nice browns in Chimney Top a couple years later and saw several redds in the Fall with fish on them for several years. The following years, we had droughts and no fish so I left that area alone.

Being retired, and (when I'm home), The Smokies are only 4 1/2 hours away so I head that way if I can get a couple days free. I know at least I'm throwing flies over fish there. I live on Lake Carnico near Carlisle and throw flies on South Fork and Main Licking for Smallies along with fishing the Lake.

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