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alexys01 you sound just like me. When I started trout fishing @ 2005 I would go as many Saturday mornings from 8-10am as I could mostly in the summer. Trying to get home before my wife and daughter were ready to get to doing stuff . Of course I would be leaving just in time for the fish to start biting. I have managed a couple of longer stints but it is usually just 2-3 hours. Luckily I only live 40min from being in GSMNP. I am a loner most of the time as well, partly due to time and not knowing anyone else to fish like that with. I try to have all my gear as ready as possible, just needing to put the rod together and tie on the flies stream side(when wet wading anyway). I love what little time I get and always look forward to the rare full day on the stream. My problem is I love photography and birdwatching as well and struggle have time for all, but those are easier with the family than fishing. My daughter is getting old enough now to start teaching her some and look forward to when she is old/big enough to start wading safely.
Then my 8 month old twin boys will be next! I think since the rain is suppose to hold off I am going to try this Sat some!
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