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Mr. Casada, first of all i want to say what a joy it is to read your contributions to this forum. Your insight, experience, and historic commentary are an absolute delight, so keep them coming. Now replying to your post, I to as a boy could not get enough of fishing. I remember countless daylight to dark adventures, as well as many many summer nights on the river bank watching the sun rise. i grew up in the city, and would fish the various channels of the local river. I put alot of miles on my bike going to and from these channels from the age of 9 on up. I remember one day a tornado warning was given , it was raining cats and dogs, and the sirens were going off, but the bite was good , my stringer was full, and i wasnt going anywhere. Needless to say my Dad came looking for me and lets just say he wasnt too happy.

Jeff; No doubt brother. The Smoky's are a special place and some of Gods greatest work, so fish on.
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