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Amount of time on the water, of course, varies on the circumstances but do what I can to minimize down-time (e.g., 'rigging up' the night before) so that I'm 'ready to go' once I get out of the truck. Funny thing, though, my estimate of time consistently seems to differ from my wife's ('you were gone a long time' 'really, thought it was only about an hour' 'nope, almost had rangers looking for you' (which she did one time), etc.) - - any way I've 'figured out' that the problem is my watch seems to change time-zones as soon as I make that first cast. Also, that one-last-cast at times is like that one-more-beer; it just doesn't seem to work out that way (especially, when it seems like the trout start rising/hiting just about time I'm supposed to be back at camp).

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