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Thank you Byron. I also have about 10,0000 songs I'd like to illegally download. Would that be alright too? I'm guessing so. heh.

Seriously, I am in need of some new boots - but I may or may not be coming in that way( from TN). If I do come in TN, you're the first shop I get to......but I'm looking for that nasty old felt, so I run a higher chance of finding that in a size 12 the more shops I stop at. It's purely logistical - I know for a fact that the last 10 times I have bought anything flyfishing( other than one pair of emergency gravel guards) it's been with LRO. Looks like I'm outta luck with you folks - I see one size 13 somethin' or other in felt. So, I'll try the other two shops on the way up through NC, and if no one has it, I'll be coming to you guys to buy some new slipper-bottomed shoes and cleats. ( If it weren't for a bad back and a bad left knee, I'd just swap over to rubber, since it looks like they are all going to go that way anyway. )

Thanks a ton,
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