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With regard to rattlesnakes swiming: I was on Slickrock creek about ten years ago and nearly stepped on a pretty big timber rattler on the trail about a mile above the lake. I did not want to kill it so moved it off the trail with a very long stick. It slithered right back to the same spot twice. Finally, I took the stick and heaved it almost all the way across the creek. It promptly swam back and slithered to the same spot on the trail. I did this once more. When it slithered back up the bank the second time, I was waiting with about a 30lb rock. I crushed it's head and moved it well off the trail. I hated to kill the snake, but felt it would surely bite a hiker or dog based on the position it had staked out and it's unwillingness to leave. All this to say that rattlesnakes swim quite well.
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