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Jim Casada - I don't think that our LRO pals have anything to sweat about. I quickly looked at the fly fishing section and found it lacking. I'm not being mean but, I could open a better fly fishing store out of my house.

Their "backpacking" and "hiking" departments were also lacking. Lots of North Face shirts and visors.

Overall I guess I was a little disappointed. I have been to their NC store and thought it was pretty nice. I think that the head honchos have the store setup to cater to the folks who are staying in Gatlinburg and like the idea of fishing or hiking. That is the best way for them to profitable and I hope they succeed.

Old Tom - Watch for the other guy. My wife and I came very close to bagging and motorcycle rider yesterday. The guy came around a tight curve and was well over into my lane. He barely saved it. Those guys are usually just around of the weekends this time of year.

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