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Originally Posted by PeteCz View Post
This is probably more information that you want, but here is a list of Campsites (by CS#) that are above 3000', sorted by elevation that are over 3 miles away from a Trailhead (TH)...

Campsite #28 is out, since its closed to fishing and you have already done #30. 68 and 61 are out (for now) as well, since I believe Clingman's Dome Rd is closed.

If you are willing to open your options a bit and camp at 2500' and hike up to brookie waters and/or are willing to do a shorter hike of 2.5miles or greater, you have more options:

Like I said, more info than you probably wanted....
Dude, where did you get that spreadsheet? Can you share?
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