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Default My new Water Out West, Bluelining in Co.

Finally found my creek. It was not the one I was looking for,Gould's Creek, that one is still froze over, but it is a good one. Stopped by my afterwork spot, Fountain Creek, to keep the kitty away and was rewarded with several descent browns.

Made my move to the southwest and was rewarded after some nosing around. As said before the original target was still ice covered and the ponds in that area still have a lid. My creek despite it's elevation was open and crystal clear. It seem s like one that is not much effected by runoff; I'll cross my fingers there. Plenty of brookies and cutts, not sure what subspeacies, I'm sure someone can fill me in. Heres a few pics.

This guy though very much a dink, was gorgeous, espeacially in person.

Flies of the day; yella stimi and pink SJ worm. Cutties loved on top and the brookies wanted the weenie.

Have a Good 'Urn,
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