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If you are planning on fishing, there is a lot of water that is closed till after Cutthroat spawning in AND outside of the Park. Check to make sure your water is open. It's been extremely cold there the past few weeks, but the high temperature in Cooke City is supposedly to be in the 50's to 70's range next week. These "might" trigger an early run off if it stays that high for a long time. Be sure to get in touch with flyshops in the area you are planning to fish for up to date info. I learned the hard way-My very first trip to Yellowstone was in the middle of a long very heavy, Run Off.

If you are on the Wyoming section of the Beartooth Hwy, stop by and say "hi", we'll be the campground hosts at Crazy Creek about 10 miles east of Cooke City. Checkout the first two web cam's for the Cooke City area.

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