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I know that they have had an extremely cool spring with several decent snowstorms in the past 2-3 weeks. Snow is in the forecast daily in the Yellowstone area for the next week or so along with cool temperatures. Most of the local shops are not too concerned unless things turn extremely hot early in the summer... Looking at specific snotel sites is encouraging as well. The site for Two Ocean Plateau for example has around 6 feet of snow currently on the ground. Last year around this time I believe they had another 20 or 30 inches but it is still MUCH better than it was a few summers ago when afternoon closures on all major streams were the norm. Hopefully they won't get too bad of a summer. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it out this summer, but I would not be too concerned if I had a trip planned. I think there will be at least some watersheds that will fish okay most if not all of the summer...
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