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Originally Posted by jeffnles1
Sounds more like it was hydro pulling him to the bottom. When waders fill up in deep water, don't they become neutrally buoyant meaning they're no worse than wet jeans and shirts?
Jeff you are right about neutrally buoyant, but I think one of the problems lies in the fact that once someone gets into trouble they usually try to fight the current and the effect of water going into the non-porous waders is adding a lot of force with nowhere to go (my college physics classes have escaped I can't give a better explanation). It's kinda like holding on to a garbage bag in the current, once it fills up with water. If you float with it, no problems, but if you fight against the current or try and lift it free of the current, good luck.

I actually had a required class in college called "Drownproofing" (I kid you not, check out the link...). Not panicking is the key to surviving. However, in a life threatening situation its much harder to muster self restraint, and impossible if you've hit your head on a rock, etc...

The net of it is, that you have to be as careful as feasible. Life has inherent risks, know the dangers and protect yourself accordingly. Events like this hammer home how quickly it can all go away...I feel terrible for his family...

"Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."
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