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Default North Georgia Trout

Am heading to Dahlonega, GA in early JUN to meet up with some 509th ABN buddies, and am looking to camp for a few days middle of the week and do some fishing in the area. What I have seen so far leads me to Dukes Ck area, but it looks as if there are a number of other places to pursue the wily trout. Used to Smokey Mtns, and small streams/trout not an issue. Do not have to meet friends until FRI anoon, and plan now on arriving late TUE evening for a motel stay, and camp WED & THU with fishing until noon or so FRI. Do not have to stay in Dahlonega for fishing; only have to be there FRI evening, so fishing is priority for TUE thru FRI morning. Any and all suggestions re: places to stay, camp, and fish are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your advice.
Skip Watson
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