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Default Wow, do I need to build an arch???

Well, I'm Willy's little (but meaner) brother who was in the hammock during the torrential floods. I want to step back a little though in time. As we first arrived to the site Willy's pointed down there and he said that he though it would be a great place for "my" hammock. Now, I'll admit that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I've been around my loving brother enough. I should have immediately questioned the wisdom of anything that he might suggest. So, we put it up and starting running around putting up the camp. As it got dark and we built a fire, I took a Benadryl and a couple PM Tylenol to help me sleep the night away. As I was about to pass out into the fire, I figured it might be safe to go to bed. As I walked over the my hammock, I looked down there. It looked darker and my sinister during the evening. I looked over at my brother and asked "Do you think there is any chance of the water getting up that high?" That evening he said "I've never seen water anywhere near it in 20 years. You'll be fine!" His story changed the next morning. Are you starting to catch a common theme here? In the haze of my mediation, I wasn't listening and crawled into my sweet comfy and cozy cocoon. I think I passed out before I had my head on my pillow. Later that night I figured it was raining in my tent but it was only my drool. I was surprised that I had woke up but the hammock was shaking a little. I got out my brand new high powered kickass LED flashlight. There was a little water down there, only a couple inched. I thought wow. Passed out. I barely remember waking the second time with the hammock moving back and forth a bit more. With my trust flashlight I saw that the water was about a foot or two high. A got a bit concerned but I remembered my loving brother saying it would all be OK before I passed out again. Next, I woke up to the hammock being thrashed about. I got my high power flashlight out and there was what seemed 6 to 50 feet of water ranging below me. I was no longer tired at all. I figured it would be OK but noticed that there was a log jam on all my stakes holding my hammock and my fly. I wondered what would happen, if the stakes to my fly got ripped out. I put on my books strapped my flashlight to my wrist and turned it on. Stepped into the water. The last thing that I saw was my flashlight band breaking, and my powerful waterproof light rapidly rolling down the stream. Within 1/2 I could no longer see a thing. The rest I will not tell as I shiver to even think about it. It was a nightmare only born out of a movie writers darkest dream. I do remember one thing of the rest of the evening. After crawling through the water, mud and darkness, I found my brother. I told him what happened. He said that I would be OK and then turned over to go back to sleep. I love my brother.
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