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Originally Posted by GrouseMan77 View Post
Just because I am curious, please be more specific.

Sorry Troutman, guess we were typing at the same time.

I agree with Madison. There is no doubt that here were some quality vendors there, but the layout was hard to follow. It would have been nice if there were more cohesion/logic in the layout (ie, guide services together, equipment vendors in one spot, arts in one area, fly tyers in one spot, etc).

Also, I looked for Joe Humphrey's casting demonstration and could not find it. I would have stayed for Lefty's clinic, but just simply could not bear to listen to that music any longer, so I went fishing the rest of the day instead. I did not stop at any vendors outside that were in front of the band area because of the music. Would love to see that dropped in the future!

Overall, I enjoyed the event and would love to come back to see Lefty next year, but as in anything, there is always room for improvement.
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