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Just to reiterate what Mike Stiehl said, Troutfest is an event put on by the Little River Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

The only role Little River Outfitters has is as a sponsor; Byron has been the Chairman the last two years and I have been on the Executive Committee. We do take a role in talking up the event on our website and message board and in the fishing report. We do this because we feel like we can get the word out to many more people using our forums; we never intended for anyone to assume that the event was a Little River Outfitters event. I'm sorry if anyone was under that impression.

We appreciate ALL of the feedback given by everyone. I've made notes and in the committee post-event meeting we will take each and every one of the comments into consideration for next year.

Thanks to all who made this event happen! That includes vendors, sponsors, volunteers, attendees and donors. The money that is donated to the GSMNP would never happen without everyone.

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