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Ifish4wildtrout--Do you have my book? There is a detailed chapter on Noland Creek, as is true of all major drainages in the Park. I don't know campsites by numbers and, just having gotten back from Troutfest, don't have time to look up #64. That being said, I would suggest staying at Bearpen Branch (the first site on Noland). It is a cozy little place, has a table (or did last time I was there), and is just far enough off the main trail (actually a road) to suit my taste. The really good fishing on Noland begins right where it is located. Noland has historically, for me, been more of a quantity than a quality stream (lots of small trout), but I suspect it will mirror most of the Park waters this year and carry larger than usual fish. One real plus is that the rainbows in Noland are, on the whole, as vividly colored as any you will find anywhere.
Jim Casada
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