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Default A few alternatives

I haven't been to campsite#9, but....

Its 1200' of elevation gain across 2.9 miles, which is fairly steep. I wouldn't charaterize that as a "short hike", unless you are reasonably fit...Plus I'm not sure the fishing is worth the effort.

For a bit better fishing and and easier hike, I might be tempted to go to #18 on the WPLR. its 2 miles and its a gain/loss of just 600'. Lots of small, eager rainbows above the campsite, as well...

Campsite #24 is a bit longer but its an easy hike, with miles of great water to fish above Elkmont...

On the NC side I would be tempted to go to #60 on Deep Creek. Its 2.5 miles but the total elevation gain is only 320'.

Here is a list of hikes/campsites that have fishing should take less than 1 hour:


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