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PeteCz and flyguys--Pete's suggestion of #60 (Baumgardner Branch) is a good one. You have three fine fishing options with it as a base of operations: (1) fish the area downstream from it, perhaps going back to the last bridge, at the upper end of the Jenkins Fields, and making your way upstream from there. The latter portion of this fishing encompasses what used to be the first two fords on Deep Creek when the old, 15-ford trail was in place. (2) Fish the Bumgardner Bend, an all-day quest which begins right at the campsite. (3) Walk up above the Bend and start fishing when the trail returns to the creek--some of my favorite water in the entire stream.
I would also note that the campsite is one of the prettiest ones in the Park, horses are not allowed, and the long pool at your doorstep is a dandy. I once, many years ago after a thunderstorm, caught perhaps my finest limit of trout ever on Deep Creek out of that one pool. It always holds a good brown or two, and you'll be handy at daylight or dusk to give them a go.
Jim Casada
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