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Grannyknot--Thanks for an interesting report. I've never been into Slickrock the way you traveled. Where does the trail come out in relation to Wildcat Falls? I've always gone in from Big Fat Gap--easy going, terribly tough haul coming out.
There was a time, say 15-20 years ago, when Slickrock was truly something. There was a fairly predictable green drake hatch every spring, and if you could be there when it came off the action was the kind you seldom see in this part of the world.
Then things gradually began to go downhill, and I'm mystified as to exactly what happened. It's pretty darn difficult, if not flat-out imposssible, to "fish out" a brown trout stream, and even if poachers were in action (and some were) I don't think that was the problem.
One interesting Slickrock tidbit some might find interesting is how the stream's browns got there. They were carried in as fingerlings in specially made backpacks toted by members of the CCCs. So you were catching direct lineal descendants of trout which have been there since the 1930s.
I've never caught a rainbow in Slickrock and don't think there are any. There are mountain trout up high.
Your report gives me heart and hopes that maybe the stream has come back a bit, and reckon I'll have to stir this overweight and aging body to wander down from Big Fat Gap and once more cast at the base of Wildcat Falls (and elsewhere).
Jim Casada
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