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Fox, you'll find most of the people on this forum fish alone more often than not. It's already been said, but just make sure people know where you are gonna be and when you'll be back. That's super important and could easily save your life.

Also, when I'm fishing alone, I try to be a bit more careful in general. If a crossing looks risky, move up or down stream to where it looks safe. If a rock looks extra slick, it probably is. That kinda thing. Use your brain. Carry food, water, and some emergency supplies (good knife, fire starting equipment, whisky, etc.).

Is backcountry camping an option? If it is, I would highly recommend it over camping at Elkmont. It is only marginally better than RV camping. The campsites are very close together, and the whole area is a fog of campfire smoke. #24 and #18 are easy to get to and sit on some good water.
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