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Stayed in Elkmont three nights earlier this month during the week, it was very nice. The little river was having a great hatch in the evening but I couldn't get the fish to bite, spotlight joined me and was successful. The campground is very clean, and the people were really nice. No showers though.

I hiked up to fish camp prong one day due to the high water and caught fish. Not a bad hike even though I'm out of shape.

Things I thought of to make sure I was safe:
-water filter, didn't want to pack water up the trail for added weight.
-GPS, just in case I got off track.
-very small, compact first aid kit
-small amounts of high calorie food such as trail mix, granola bars.
-rain coat

Elkmont doesn't have cell service but I told my wife exactly what day I was going to hike and were I was hiking too.

It's only been a couple of weeks and I'm ready to go back. Any time spent in the park is a good time.

Good luck
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