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Great pictures Travis. We had a problem with fly tyers. Another person was getting tyers from another part of the state and it didn't happen so I couldn't choose many myself. As a result, we were short at times. You should have been tying. Please tie next year. I'll be totally in charge.

It was an honor to serve as chairman another year. That is not the hard job. It takes a team and we have one. We would welcome any help from you and others. Other people worked just as hard as I did. I thank them all. Feedback from people has been excellent and we are already planning next year's event. We will make changes based on input from attendees and exhibitors. Many of those recommendations were posted on this board. We are adding a couple of people to the committee who will bring new ideas and skills next year. I met with one of them this afternoon. He has more special event experience than anyone I know.

One compelling difference between Troutfest and other fly fishing shows is, it's all done with volunteers, over 100 of them. The musicians were paid a small amount but everyone else worked for free. Next year, everyone will work for free. We catered the food for the banquet this year and it turned out great.

Thank you and everyone for the kind words about the job we did. We all appreciate it very much. And Travis, I don't want to be President of anything more. But, thank you for the pat on the back. I would like to get your photos for the new Troutfest website if you don't mind. I'll start on it soon. I noticed today in an e-mail our treasurer sent me that we have $57,000 in the Little River Chapter of TU checking account. We'll make a nice donation to the Park again.

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