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The time has come! I leave on Friday!

Originally Posted by nvr2L8 View Post

Check out this post that I made last year about fly fishing in NM. New Mexico Fly Fishing. I fished the East Fork of the Jemez River which is less than an hour and a half from Albuquerque. You can see in the post a picture of that river. This is a narrow river running through meadowland. Seems to fit your bill.

If you leave Albuquerque traveling north on I75, you'll take the Bernalillo exit and go through Jemez Springs and the Jemez Pueblo towards Los Alamos. On top of the mountain (couldn't give you mileage), there will be a sign on the left side of the road to the East Fork Trail. If you back track a half mile or so from there, the stream runs under the road. You'll find a path leading off upstream. Go up that path and you will immediately see what is pictured in this post. It is very flat water and requires extreme stealth but that stream is full of brown trout.

First hand enough for you?
I'm definitely going to be talking with you a lot this week.

Originally Posted by Scott H. View Post

The East Jemez is a nice little stream not too far away. I have fished it before. You might also try the Pecos which is a little ways to the East. I can't remember the exact distance. If you go to the north, you could try the Rio Grande, or even farther to the north, is a spring creek, Costilla Creek (my personal favorite) which has some native cutthroat.

Check out the Taos Fly Shop. They have a web site. Nick and Taylor Streit run it, and they are extremely helpful.

Hope this helps some. Good Luck.

I'm not looking to drive 3 hours one way for the San Juan. As much as I'd love to fish it, this trip isn't fishing related, I'm just looking to steal away for a couple hours.
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