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No worries in my opinion. I fished the NC side of the park Sunday morning on a medium-sized remote stream. The water level was high, as we had sporadic showers Friday night and Saturday am. In just a few hours I caught numerous fish, most to a tungsten nymph dropper under a dry. Quite a few were also willing to eat the stimulator on top. There were yellow sallies coming off sporadically all morning. It was cool and I was wearing a fleece, though I probably could have done without it.

Fishing reports are meant to be a general guide. Conditions can change by the day and hour, depending on temperature, cloud cover and whether we get rain. The best thing to do is just come fishing. It's a great time of year. I agree with the advice to seek out the less popular streams for willing fish and better scenery. Back of beyond is what it is all about. Bring your walking shoes and enjoy. If it were August and we were in a drought, I'd have different advice.
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