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Thanks Steve. I was kind of disappointed in the turnout for the talk, I admit. But the good news is, I built the presentation so I can use it again. Photography is a popular topic with just about any fly club - I've been called in to speak to groups of up to 500 (believe it or not). I'll get to use it again and more people will eventually see it.

My one comment or suggestion regarding that would be that Troutfest could use an MC next year. The local club does a really great job but when events get to a certain size sometimes you need to rope in someone who does this kind of thing for a living. For example, the auctioneer at the banquet last year (and I'm sure this year too) did a great job. I think Troutfest could really benefit from some big-voiced radio type "directing traffic" every half hour or so. I just don't think people realize what all is going on and where, so they miss stuff they meant to go to. Anyway, several people have told me that since my talk - they wanted to go but missed it because they lost track of when and where, etc.

Thanks again for the note.

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