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ifishforwildtrout--Yes, you can get a permit at the frontcountry site. You drive into the camping portion of the campground (as opposed to the picnic side across the creek) and there's a little check-in station there. The permit box is on the wall. Your choice of a site, if I remember right #59 is McCracken Branch (I know them by names, not numbers), is an excellent one. It puts you squarely in the middle of what I consider the best that Deep Creek has to offer, and there are a copule of big, deep holes nearby that always hold a monster brown.
I envy you the opportunity and going it alone, while not something I will do at the age of 68, is a grand and glorious experience. You fish as you wish, dawdle when the mood hits, sleep in if the spirit moves you, eat exactly what you want, and in general don't have to cater to the whims of anyone else. Have a grand time in the stream I consider my home water.
Jim Casada
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