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FRW--Both Roger Lowe and Kevin Howell have come out with slender "recipe" books, but both works, while first-rate, focus more on how to tie than on historical information.
I know Hugh Hartsell is busy on a book, and he has both the background and fly-tying expertise to do a book like this (although I don't know that this is what he has in the works).
Such an effort would require considerable research, most of it in the form of talking with a bunch of old-timers and gleaning from their memories of fly tyers who are now fishing where there are always hatches and where big trout come to the fly with a will.
There's some material in print, much of which I touch on in the chapter on "Flies" in my book, but far more exists through oral history.
I for one would herald the publication of such a book with great joy.
Jim Casada
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