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Default With pen in hand...(Mr. Cassada)

...just added those titles to my wish list. Were you selfish, I hardly think so! You/we just grew up and lived in a different era IMHO. I was born and raised on the west coast of Florida and as a kid I can recall spending days wading the local (Bradenton) rivers if not boating around in them. One of the main catches was "red fish" or red bass and man were they delicious. I recall one time I got into a school of them and caught 18 of them, not a one was over 16 inches if that but none were less than 12 inches. If I did the same thing today I would likely be looking at some major fines if not jail time (smile), however back then it was legal. I might also add that there were many fish-less day as well, so the mentality was catch them when ya can. The same was true of mullet, in my home town a delicacy, but many places elsewhere just bait or even a trash fish. My brother and I would wade with cast nets until our heads felt like they would split wide open from glare induced headaches sometimes catching more fish than we could carry. Just typing this makes me miss one of Mom's grandest banquets of mullet, grits, slaw, and baked beans, with hush-puppies. I even remember how many of the "nicer" dining establishments, at the time wouldn't serve "Jew-fish" or Grouper, thinking it to be no better than or perhaps not even as good as mullet (which many did serve).

Now days if you catch Red Bass, they have to be within a slot and theres a limit as to how many you can legally keep. I have all but quit fishing salt water here in Florida because it feels like you almost need to hire or at least consult with a lawyer just to stay legal. I believe in conservation but feel most efforts would be more effective if directed toward some of the commercial ventures. I live in Jacksonville Florida now and the few times I've fished the St. Johns it has amazed me to watch the dead and dying fish float by as commercial boats drift by and dump their "by-catch". Now here I go getting way too long winded, only to say the days of your youth were a different day and most of us didn't know then much of what we've learned since.

As to the matter of "tell or no tell", IMHO, most of the folks that would abuse such knowledge or be abusive to any of the locals possible to mention, would be more apt to stumble upon them than to pick up a book and read it. Among those that would read, including myself, our ability would be very limited if by nothing else other than time alone. I suppose what I am saying is that due to brevity of time allowed on my visits in the mountains, most of my adventures would be vicarious and through reading about more so than actually traveling to most locations divulged.

In closing I have to say I too feel a bit torn about whether or not some locations should be divulged even with the most remote possibility of their abuse, but in the end I will defer to you and your wisdom on the subject (smile) This is one of those areas that the more I think about it, the foggier it seems to get for me.

Thanks again for all you have contributed to the sport/art and those of us who love those mountains and all they represent to us, oh so dearly...

"Fly-fishing has many attributes, but none more pleasing than it's ability to liberate the young boy that still hides within me and to let that boy live again without embarrassment or regret, sorrow or anguish." Harry Middleton
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