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I would imagine there are still some stockers there but I wouldn't count on any hold overs.

Between dam repairs last summer which resulted in very low flows and very warm water and the bickering between the town fishermen and Central Indiana TU over how to manage the water, the normal level of poaching hit fever pitch about the time the dam repairs were going on.

Last fall, there wasn't a trout to be seen anywhere.

I'm sure there were a few that were not killed but nothing like it used to be.

Really sad situation last summer. Horrible reactions from both sides of the frence which resulted in threats and rumors of some cars being keyed, rocks thrown in the river while people were fishing, and 5 gallon buckets full of trout caught and kept illegally with people basically daring anyone to call and report them.

I hope it's settled down, I haven't heard anything recently, but I know I don't need that stuff in my life. I haven't been there since last fall. I'll probably go up this summer and check it out and see if things have cooled off.

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