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Originally Posted by 3wt View Post
ahiglan-I already checked their forum. Needless to say not nearly as good as this one. Alot of talk about stocking info and not about the fishing.
Jeffnles1-I checked the water and it looks great. Right now its at 3.5 feet and dropping some. I'll make sure to report on whether or not i catch any holdovers or if its even worth going.
3wt, I'd be very interested in your report. I used to get up there about twice a month from March through November (Dec, Jan, Feb once in a while on nice days, but I'm not a big fan of freezing to death fishing).

Last summer with all the junk going on, I just decided it wasn't worth it.

As Ahiglan said, I think things have cooled off and I may head up there in June. Just need to decide if it's worth getting a full year IN license or not.

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