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Default 5-31 report

Fished through the raain this morning starting on the gravel raod above the tremont institute. I havent fished there all year even though i live so close, and to my suprise it fished kind of hard. I caught fish, a couple of decent ones, but not as many as I had hopes given the rain and stained water.

Around 10 or so I moved just below Metcalf, and caugth ALOT of fish. All came on nymphs, and it didn't seem to matter whice nymph I used (hairs ear, pt, prince, and zug bug). I tried addig split shot, adding more split shot, and fishing with no split shot, and again it didnt make a difference, caught fish all 3 ways.

One last side not, i only saw one other person fly fishing... Did you all stay home because of holiday? If so you missed out on some spectacular water copnditions and fishing...
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