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Got nailed Wednesday night, heavy snow for few minutes, then wind and rain. Only amounted to 1 inch in the long run though. Clarks Fork is a rolling. I was up to Lilly Lake exploring the outflows. I caught 4 nice Grayling Thursday 12-14 inches in the dispersed camping. I went up to Island Lake and turned around temp dropping, but only saw a couple feet of snow there max(?). Folks, I've talked to say the snow fall is only in certain areas- especially around the front. I had to take my wife to Billings and cameback via Red Lodge. Didn't see hardly any snow but got stopped anyway at Rock Creek Visita. (Next time, I pay atention to the flashing lights(:>). We had Backcountry First aide, etc with fire crews they talked about being busy this summer(:<). The CF was fishable last week but I had several days of driving from Crazy Creek to Cody and back for training. When I just got my gear organized, the snow melt started. I'm hoping to hit Beartooth, Sheepherders and Hauser as the ice starts to leave. Next week , I hope.

Irish Butte, the coffee shop next to the C of C in Cooke has fantastic muffins. (:>)! and internet- at times!
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