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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
That is interesting. In almost 25 years of fishing the Clinch I have never seen that stonefly on the river. For a long time it had the early little black stones, but I have not seen them recently, but that may be due to me not being on the river that time of year. Guess things have changed, and I just have missed them on the river.
You probably would not have wanted to notice them if you use midges and bhpts all the time Nah, I have noticed several different types; especially around the small streams coming in to the Clinch. You just have to get out and poke around the shoals and rip up some of the moss. I have quite a few samples saved up; just need to get some glycerin before the colors bleach. I plan on getting a new camera this week-so; hopefully, I can start sharing some pics again...
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