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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
You probably would not have wanted to notice them if you use midges and bhpts all the time Nah, I have noticed several different types; especially around the small streams coming in to the Clinch. You just have to get out and poke around the shoals and rip up some of the moss. I have quite a few samples saved up; just need to get some glycerin before the colors bleach. I plan on getting a new camera this week-so; hopefully, I can start sharing some pics again...
Clear Creek would not surprise me, but the other two would. The water quality in both Cane and Coal is horrendous, and stoneflies require super clean water.

Just because I fish midges and other small nymphs doesn't mean I am not fully aware of what is going on around me. Stoneflies really aren't moss dwellers, they leave that more to mayflies, midges, and scuds. They generally prefer to wander around in the rocks and underneath them most of the time.

Looking forward to seeing pics of them on the Clinch.

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