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Default Beaverhead river Montana

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have found nirvana, I recently took a job in Dillon, MT, I arrived here on Saturday afternoon. I had previously scouted out some possible fishing/camping options for the weekend, so after stopping in town to stock up on groceries and to talk with the local outfitters I headed down to the tailwaters of the clark canyon dam, there is a free campground there only feet from the start of the beaverhead river. I set up camp then started on the fishing, I didn't get started fishing until around 3 pm but managed to land 4 fish before dinner, 1 brown 18 inches and 6 pounds, and 3 bows the largest 21 inches and 8 pounds, the smallest was 17 inches.

Sunday I started out around 8:30 am, and finished at 9 pm, landed 13 fish all between 16-22 inches and 6-9 lbs, what a day !!! I landed maybe 1 out of 3 hooked but lost alot of leader and tippet not to mention the hooks, they were all caught on size 20-22 green PMD, yellow PMD and BHPT sizes 18-20. I still cannot believe the fight the bows put on, they would drag me across the river two or three times and some would drag me a hundred yards down river. I never saw any fish caught by anybody under 16 inches.
It cost me $60 today to replace all the leader, tippet, flies, strike indicators that were lost to these giants!!! Keep in mind that these are all native trout.
Just though I would share the joy and hope you can come enjoy the same.
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