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Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
Priorities change, some lose interest, bitterness, too much arguing, tired of people just trying to increase their post count, etc.
People come and go, and message boards change. Hopefully these fine individuals will find their way back at some point in the future.
I find this is true with many things in life. I enjoy this forum and learning from others. I find it fun to see what is going on around the area when it comes to fly fishing and this forum has some great posters. I try to post fun and interesting things to me and others.

Now for the social politics; there are always people that have different personalities and different agendas. I administered the largest wakeboarding website in the World for many years. I always found it best to let the message boards police themselves.....besides the few obvious and perverse posts that would happen. That being said; most of perpetual members can develop a decent opinion of the personality of others but what they post in the forums. The forums do not need someone to call foul on a topic or question the integrity of a poster. We all can make our own assumptions and respect the ideas and techniques of others.

The main thing to remember for me is that we all have a reason for joining this forum. My reason is to learn about fly fishing in this area, meet new friends that share my interest, learn from veterans, and to help others if I think I have something interesting to share. Sometimes egos and personal issues get entangled in our posts. One thing to remember is that drinking alcohol and posting on the internet is always a bad idea & drinking and ebaying
“Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will, & creative imagination.
These give us the ultimate human freedom... The
to choose, to respond, to change.”

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