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If we ban motorcycles, horses, cars and people from the park, it'd be the perfect place to get away and relax and enjoy the park. oh wait. nevermind.

Speaking of stockers...I believe I caught one a while back up near the shooting range on mingus. I thought I had a stellar rainbow from such a small creek, only to realize after looking at photos of the fish, that it was probably a stocker from cherokee. No major waterfall to climb that I know of, but that's quite a distance for a stocker who could have had better water down lower in the Luftee or Raven's Fork.

What makes one fish run that far upstream, to live in a tiny little pool no bigger than a coffee table? If it were the search for food, better oxygenated water, etc. - wouldn't they all be trying to get up there ( as they do in places like the Spring Run at Yellow Breeches in PA?)
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