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Post Update & some more info

So far 15 rainbows had been found. 5 were in locations that were probably missed durimng the initial treatment. Others according to Steve Moore were most likely stocked (Ones Jason shocked for and all found in one short section of stream) as some had clipped fins. Don't know why someone would do this, but it's pretty sad. Now the whole fishery dept has to reschedule therer shoicking schedule to adapt to the fact that Rainbows were present. As I asked Matt Kulp if he thought anty Rainbows were expected and he said definitely not. I will post a report about my 2 days volunteering shortly as I had a sick kid all day today and worked all night.

On a good note there were YOY (Young of year) found throughout the stocked areas so it looks like besides the few rainbows all else is progressing just fine.
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