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Smile Lynn Camp continued

Well they said I couldnít operate the shocker, but they did grant me the honor of carrying the shocker to the work site and back. As I was carrying it down the trail, I thought of what a pain in the butt it would be to carry off trail and in the stream each day. Think youíre tired after a day fishing? Add 45 pounds that dig in and are not that friendly on the back next time and you will appreciate what the fisheries department does for us anglers. We worked what I believe to be site 5 on Indian Flats. This time instead of a single shock and young, juvenile, and adult being counted; we shocked three times and had nets set up to keep the fish from escaping to get a more complete inventory. Here is a shot of the net being set up on the lower end.

And the holding tank where the revived fish would wait until we were finished with all 3 passes to put back where they came from.

Here is a shot of the weighing and measuring of the first round.

And a shot of the students calculating the CFS of the stream

And another shot of us measuring steam width in 10 yard increments to figure and average width to this section.

I was bucket boy on the first run, and kept thinking to myself I hope I donít fall and drop the bucket putting all the fish back into the stream. Luckily I didnít slip and was promoted to netter for round 2 and 3. As we finished up you could hear the thunder and before we could pack up it was pouring. We hiked back to camp in the rain, but as soon as we got back the weather took a brief respite making us wonder if we should have waited the weather out and hit another steam site. After listening to the updated forecast on the park service radio we figured we made the right call. Matt and the group soon appeared from the gorge looking a little ďgorged outĒ

Nothing like bushwhacking and stream hobbling in a good thunderstorm to humble oneself.

I soon gathered my pack and got ready to hike out as the others were discussing who really needed to stay that night with the gear and who should head home. Since Greenbrier was without electricity that night the guys living there said they would stay. Others were reluctant to leave those who were staying and even offered up their house to one of the Greenbrier boyís if he didnít want to stay. I enjoyed my hike out and stopped at Indian Flats Falls before it started pouring again. Here is a shot of one of the middle drops

A nice shot on the way out of Lynn Camp in the mist.

I thought I might even get in a few hours on Samís since I had my fishing gear in the car and we finished up early, but it was piss pouring when I got to the trailhead so I just headed home.

I learned a ton and had a great time, and canít wait to catch some Brookies in Lynn Camp in the not too distant future (maybe 3 years)! This trip was also a reminder that I need to join the Little River chapter of TU since they do so much for the park. I know this report was long, and I hope it was a bit informative and could give one an idea of what is really happening on the ground. I would like once again to thank the Park Service for their hard work and dedication, and for giving me the opportunity to giver back to a precious resource that many times is the only thing that keeps me somewhat sane. Ooh and thanks for all the other volunteers who helped out, and all you Troutfesters which raise huge amounts of money that make restoration programs like this possible!
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