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Originally Posted by Crockett View Post
Are they going to do some large follow up shocking? Obviously they can't shock the whole stream so what if there are more rainbows in there? Are they going to run the poison again.
That exactly what they are already doing. Yes they will shock the whole stream again. And yes Matt already had a strategy to fix several problem areas. While this is not good news, it's not the end of the world, and can be dealt with.

As far as stopping people. It's hard, but the park service can employ time motion cameras or other means to catch people. As far as how hard it would be to stock, I think any half smart redneck could accoplish this no problem. Cooler, Ice, bait areator. Wouldn't even need a horse, just a small backpack. Also if someone does get caught and gets at least a $5000 fine and would be liable for all the extra work that is now needed, or even could be held liable for the $300,000 this project has cost.

I know that besides this one section (with 10 fish), the 3 other areas were most likely no caused by anything other than mother nature.
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