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Originally Posted by Owl View Post
One of the most polite forums?

In all my internet travels from forum to forum, this is THE most polite group of people I have ever encountered. Also, the group that's the slowest to anger, and the most willing to hear all sides of an issue, and argue with civility. I think it's a reflection of the way our hosts and fly shop owners do business and ( I'm assuming here) live their lives. We respect them, and by that each other here.

I know I get under the skin of some folks, but I'm always honest about what I feel and find that people who are members of LRO's forums are some of the most intelligent folks I've ever had the pleasure to discuss flyfishing with......and some of the most helpful, if not the most helpful.

Kudos to LRO, to the members here, and to Paula and Byron and everyone at LRO for leading the way in treating everyone with respect and civility.
You said it much better than I did.
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