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Duckypaddler is right on in camo'ing up, wear earth tone clothes dark green or brown at the very least. Move and fish in an upstream direction if possible using big rocks and things to hide behind. Almost all the bigger fish I catch come in spots where they can't see me and I can't see them ie I am behind a rock or standing in a plunge pool fishing a pool higher up than me. Don't stand over a pool casting into it unless no other option. Casting isn't as big of a deal and lots of time in the park I am just "flipping" my line out about 8-10 feet or simply dapling the fly out into the water. The more you cast the more time you will be caught in the trees or rhodo. After fishing a pool I will look upstream and spot the next deep run or pool and then immediately start looking at the terrain just below it to find the best way to approach and best spot to fish it that offers the most concealment. Sometimes once I get near the pool I will be sitting on the ground as the lower you are the less likely they are to see you. You will have a lot of fun.

Since you will be at cs 23 check out this thread where Fred Turner has a little snippet of one of his great maps that just happens to show several of the streams near 23 and the species of trout in them:

ps I will be staying at Elmont front country campground spot F9 (very close to the bridge over the river) on Friday and Saturday night so stop by and say hi. Will be staying there with my family and Mundele who is also a member of this board to check out the fireflies and maybe do a little fishing.

Adam Beal

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