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All--I met Hugh at Troutfest but already knew, thorugh his postings, that he was the real deal. Turns out we knew some folks in common in Newport, where he lives, and like me, he has lots of wonderful decades invested in Park waters.
I'm hoping against hope that at next year's Troutfest we will have a session featuring Hugh, yours truly, and a couple of other older sons of the Smokies swapping tales and memories. Byron has promised me he will make it happen, and I can assure you i look forward to hearing what others from the Tennessee side have to say.
The whole idea was Hugh's originally, although he may not have fully realized it. In a posting replying to some things I had said, along with one or two others, he said something to the effect that forum readers, whehter they realized it or not, were getting a living history lesson in Park lore.
Byron, Paula, or someone--lure the old Newport codger back to these Internet waters, and the quicker the better.
Jim Casada
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