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Lightbulb Idea...

Drift boats are wonderful fishing craft. I do hope to have my own brand on the market for the Eastern Folks one day

Have you looked in to buying an aluminum boat + trolling motor? You can get a great set up for under $500 with a trailer. Look at a semi-v to flat hull.

Craigslist is loaded with them; just check late at night or early in the AM if you want first shot on one. Forget the need for a motor if you just plan on drifting. I always hate having a gas tank in the boat and the noise is not good for the trout. Mount a good deep cycle up in the front or under the front seat and run some jumper cable (cut off the clamps) wires to the trolling motor. Throw a 60amp fuse in line for protection.

Another good idea is to flip the boat upside down on some saw horses and spray in some flotation foam under the seats.

That should get you by until I can start making my drift boats.
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