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Brand choice is up to the individual IMO. I row a hyde, and have always rowed Hydes. I like the way they are laid out inside and I like the way they row better then the others out there. Mike Bone who is a member here has had more experience then anyone else in this region with different styles of boats, from rafts to drift boats of all mfg's. He now rows a Clacka and seems to think it is the toughest of the group.

On inflatables, they are great for very shallow and nasty rivers with lots of rocks which would chew drift boats to pieces. For our 2 local tailwaters they work fine, but become a nightmare in the wind. One other thing is they stick to every rock they touch, where as a drift boat will slide over most if not all rocks.

I fish out of 2 different cats (pontoons) one is 12' and the other 16', both are great boats, but are sluggish to row in slow water and are seriously influenced by the wind. However, for the smaller rivers I do, they work perfectly and are invaluable.

I am heading to bed, but will take the time in the next couple of days to a much better breakdown of pros/cons of the floating crafts which I have spent considerable time in over the years. Which is a lot, and a bunch of different mfg's. Hopefully Mike will chime in and provide his opinions as well.
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