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Lightbulb Neat Flying Boat!

Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
I fish out of 2 different cats (pontoons) one is 12' and the other 16', both are great boats, but are sluggish to row in slow water and are seriously influenced by the wind. However, for the smaller rivers I do, they work perfectly and are invaluable. .
I think these are probably my favorites for tail-waters. I like the layout and they float very shallow. Have you ever had any issues with tears or punctures?

Something neat I found on the 'Net:
I wish I had one of these so I would not have to go upstream from the church. Looks like a cool idea. You could fly upstream and just drift back down with out having to worry about another vehicle. Only drawback is limited cargo and passenger weight. Anyone ever seen one of these on a lake or river? Not bad to have a boat and a plane for $15-25k and trailer.
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